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I would suggest those who cannot get deep with the files to listen to a induction or deepener before the file plays. Hot naked hinata. You haven't used anonymous imageboards very much or gotten familiar with the culture, have you?

You can only see what you are, not what you could be if things were different. Girl hypno orgasm. So good and also free. Ever since I saw the rule change I have kept to the anonymous name rule. Very similar to bambi. There are files designed to make the next file more effective and not take you out of trance. Thank you to those who responded! My hands moved up and squeezed my chest, then down and deathgripped my dick until I came super hard just from them holding it Unfortunately I always come out of trance when I cum so that was it, but later when I was thinking back to it I swear to god my hand moved down and gripped my dick again while I was awake, two days later.

It was only the second file I heard from this hypnotist but it put me really under. Hidden Imagination Feminization 2. Frankie sanford nude pics. Please share Good Girl: Kei sure does confuse me when she tells me my pussy is getting fucked when I don't have one. I dunno if I memed myself into it or whatever, but it was insane. Or I must laying down?

I want to get raped by a ghost girl, that sounds hilarious. Any assistance would be welcomed! Hentai girl transformation monster impregnation. Overtime, though, it started to make less of a difference. Why is that, I mean yeah I have noticed files with sound effects definitely have more of an affect and help move the imagination along. Maybe if I went back to them now it would be a different story. Please reccomend me more K31 files.

Anyone else had a similar experience? Is it a Patreon-only file? Maybe you cannot hear them under the layering. I'd really be interested in these two! I'm even sometimes down for that if I'm opting in. That's kinda my biggest problem with kei's files. Hentai tits game. Am I missing something or do you mean "mind trap". Also spirit girl stuff… It would be greatly appreciated: A lot of people got really fucked up by her demon girl mind fuck files but they personally didn't affect me.

Anyone got Female Spirit Indoctrination?

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Could someone share the hentai girl one? Show oekaki applet replaces files and can be used instead. Pussy Lock Any of those shared pleases me a lot: They are often very arousing. Chubby girl shaking ass. Cock Growth or whatever that file is called? Click thumbnail to play. Girl hypno orgasm. I've even considered trying to find an hypnotist willing to meet me RL to condition me to respond to hypnosis files but I'm worried about being judged.

Is there any documentation on all the files that were posted 3 days ago? Does anyone have Bra1nwash: I think i saw it shared sometime but didn't grab it.

Can anyone share Demon Girl: Are there any K31 files that don't have you orgasm? There was less love for dancing suggestions which are my favourites! Just because someone is one skin color, gender, religion, age, or votes a certain way does not make them any more or less valuable of a person even if it differs from you or me. Oh gosh darn it! If it is, are there any other sources than: I am not the person who was banned but I saw this mod post and felt like I needed to make a comment.

Sometimes I jump out of trance because I think I'm going to get butt raped by some ghost girl. The best she can do is have a computer tell you over and over again that you have one in the hopes that you will start believing it. Hot damn I had a hell of a first session with her so I'm going to shill the fuck away for a minute here. For a while now I have ensured anything from content producers entrancement uk etc.

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I don't even know if it exists but I saw someone else on this thread talk about it. I will treat everyone the same regardless of whether they are named Anonymous or "johndoe". Celebrity lesbian film. There was a famous person who once stated, "It is my belief that a man should be judged by his actions and not just his name, but to hide his actions in fear of damaging his name simply means that he knows those actions are not just, or that he has no faith in his own actions.

Curious to see more threads about people being mindfucked by these files. I like the files but I have trouble finishing them without moving my body. In trance, and when i jack off, i can feel the sensations of having a wet pussy, and when i cum it's with my pussy - and the pleasure i feel in my dick is kinda different. As things stand, I sometimes use audacity to filter out the filler shit and combine a few tracks into one long one.

You may upload 5 per post.

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The files are quite addicting tho. Also squirming and worried about shit I might be subconsciously doing outside of trance. Honey boo boos mom naked. The same goes with names. If what you seek is a community where your identity is important, there are other, more prominent hypnosis communities where such things are common.

I see 1,2 4 uploaded. If someone is routinely trolling, or posting shit you don't want to waste time reading, then the way to avoid seeing their posts and avoid conflict is to simply filter out their posts.

However, the filter for 8ch only works on the name, not the IP address or whatever. Pussy Lock Any of those shared pleases me a lot: I think the first series I listened to was the pussy drip. Clitty Shrink, and other K31 stuff http s: Whatever file I listened to effected me in some way. Young naked lads Shit I fucked that one up.

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