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The window scene is one of those matter-of-factly kinds of nude scenes that the seventies spewed forth more than any other era.

I almost vividly recall a brief bush shot. The following year, she played Twinky in the film of the same name, who tempts Charles Bronson into underage sex; anyone else detect a theme here? Overall, I wouldn't call this a shocking rape scene or anything, because I think she secretly likes it wouldn't you if you had to deal with Dustin "Dweeb" Hoffman all day long?

This is one of my favorite trashy movies. Average nude women pics. Susan George removing her dress and kissing a guy before lying down on the bed with him and having passionate sex pausing briefly to sit up topless and run her hands over his body before returning to having sex with him on her back. Nude pictures of susan george. May 11th, 5: One is quite lengthy and has Susan's tits looking great in the moonlight. Susan seduces Ken Norton and the two have sex on the bed.

You get a good look at her tits as her bra and panties are being ripped off. Susan George can only have been 17 when she started work on this movie, as she wasn't 18 until late July of the year it came out, so the fact that she's nude at all is quite surprising.

In her best scene she's topless on a boat waking up one of her guys in a hammock. Susan George taking her bra off and then jumping into a bathtub from The Strange Affair. Similar to the rape scene in The Accused but with more nudity on display. Tiger Flux was written on February 9, Amanda is clearly terrified earlier in the film, she implied to her boyfriend that she's a virgin.

I would have given it 2 stars, but it was really dark. Mature huge saggy tits. This scene was quite controversial when the movie come out some 30 years ago. As he removes her cardigan to expose her white bra, he imagines she is actually his wife Helen Honor Blackman, who is momentarily seen willingly removing an identical cardigan and showing off her own white bra. In the first she flashes her breast at a policeman. Lots of bum in this, a few sidelong flashes of boob and two very fast flashes of what appears to be pubic hair.

Then his buddy comes in all of a sudden, wanting a piece of the action himself. In another viewer's defense, it's okay to like the rape scene, because the amount of consent involved voids its status as actual rape. The workmen later rape her and she likes it as one is her ex boyfriend. For the remainder of the film, she's replaced the cardigan, but it gapes open and the bra can still be seen the buttons appear intact, so that's a bit of a puzzler.

House Where Evil Dwells, The I seem to recall a scene where she is stripping to have sex with some guy probably Klaus Kinski knowing that guy and we see her taking off her panties.

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Some say the scene is a rape scene although this is highly debatable since she obviously gives in half way through. Hema malini nude pics. Member Login Sign in not a member? The other scene with Doug McClure is better lit but much more brief - nice shot of her breasts though.

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She'd already got 'em out for at least two films by this point, including Straw Doganothers role with a rape sceneso it's odd that the bra stayed on here. Both her bra and panties are ripped off before she is raped. Straw Dogs Susan George Susan George having sex with a guy before another guy comes in and they switch so he can have sex with her from behind while forcing her face into the couch and grabbing her around the neck.

Her breasts are in full view, nice scene, nice coverage of her face, and breasts. Mandingo Susan George Susan George dropping her dress and touching a guy and making out with him as they stand up and then being laid back onto a bed and having sex with him for a while before sitting up topless for a bit and then going back to having sex with him again on her back.

For what it's worth, I found a set of stills showing Susan George making out with her boyfriend Dennis Waterman he gets as far as starting to slip his hand under her skirt before she stops him and then the rape scene with Ian Bannen she's replaced by Honor Blackman in two of the stills.

Bannen kisses between Ms George's breasts and down her stomach, but the bra stays on throughout the scene. Please correct me if I'm wrong Susan George is raped by two men, one her ex-boyfriend. In another viewer's defense, it's okay to like the rape scene, because the amount of consent involved voids its status as actual rape. The ex-boyfriend forces himslef upon her and throws her on the couch ripping off her blue robe and then tearing open her t-shirt.

I almost vividly recall a brief bush shot. Tintorera Susan George Susan George topless and in brightly colored bikini bottoms as she bends over and flips a guy out of his hammock before another guy grabs her and picks her up over his head and carries her across the deck of the boat. Nude pictures of susan george. Girl hypno orgasm. Susan George has a good scene with Ken Norton. The film is set in Japan - a ghost story.

Immy was written on November 6, Hi-res DVD capture from Tintorera. One of the all time classic scenes. Indeed, the character she plays in the film is meant to be several weeks short of her sixteenth birthday, and it's easy to see how a few folks in the audience might have assumed the same. MrKeithTalent was written on October 5, Straw Dogs Susan George Susan George sitting in a car and lifting up her dress while checking out her nylons and giving us a look at her white panties in the process.

Not as hot as I remember it, but pretty sweet just the same. You call that RAPE?!?! Straw Dogs Susan George Susan George wearing a sweater with hard nipples and then taking it off to reveal her breasts before walking up to a window and standing there topless as some construction workers watch her.

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