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I like characters with a bit imperfections because it's close to reality Yoruichi Shihouin Bleach - Yoruishi Shihouin is a fictional character in the anime and manga series Bleach.

I don't truly believe she just joined the Academy for Sasuke, but I do believe that he is her drive to get stronger. Boruto episode schedules and episode previews should be posted once per month, and only if accompanied with a translation. Milf anal ebony. She would do anything for her people. I personally like Temari over all the other female characters because she has a very different personality than the other girls. Sexy naruto shippuden girls. Yugito nii I love her there should be a episode on yugito nii and every female character.

She's gifted with the ability to handle weapons too. While Storm 4 is pretty good overall, it does have several issues and comes up short in a few areas than the past entries, so i'm not interested in the SP because the game didn't deliver the way I thought it would and it was made out to be.

I should have voted for her Hinata didn't need my vote anyways Yes she has a foul mouth but she was strong. Tobi wanted Madara revived from the start, and there he had it. Use image searching tools to find the original artist: Trivia A variant of this technique appeared in the pilot chapter of Naruto.

Sweetie added Ayuzawa Misaki Maid Sama. Blonde tight milf. She is ' crystal style user and one of the only ones. I like her because she is the most complex character in Naruto. We need some sexy dlc either way tbh.

She has guts, and is a strong ninja while not arrogant or bossy. Feminists will love these strong anime characters. I don't know if anyone noticed but she kinda looks like matsuri they're just alike I think. Konan is badass, very intelligent and beautiful as well. I like a lot of Naruto characters, especially Hinata, but Sakura is one annoying girl I can't stand.

She can also go in level 2 like Sasuke. And she's even gorgeous! She manages to deal with Lee and Gai effectively, looking to them as family. He wouldn't be able to survive otherwise. I've personally come to see a lot of myself in Sakura, like her ability to make mistakes like a child and learn from them something all people do, which is laughable since so many people brand her as a horrible person for one thing she didher humanity which people say is a weakness because they don't like females who cry a lot, which is hilarious because they would cry too if it were them instead of her and her determination to get stronger, even if she was completely out of everyone else's league.

She is totally hardcore!

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Legend of Korra, Avatar: I wouldn't cry because people would make fun of my forehead. Milena big tits. Sakura is just awesome in her own way. How to apply the spoiler tag in comments: I vote for her I still prefer Ino.

She is just like Naruko Naruto sexy jutsu. She may have a foul mouth but I love her personality, I really wish that she was still alive because she is amazing and can play the flute too! Kushina is the most beautiful character in Naruto She should be the number 1. She wasn't willing to try harder, it was Tsunade that forced her. I also think she is the hottest Female in Naruto. It's just an opinion. She and Naruto had something in the the movie The Lost Tower.

I think this girl deserves to be in the 20's, because her bond with Utakata was amazing. Tonton is a pig. Nude pics of betty page. Not to mention she's super strong and she has great "coconuts" if you no what I mean The hottest girl Samui is kunochi of cloud village. Sexy naruto shippuden girls. No sexy costumes for our Naruto girls?

She has guts, and is a strong ninja while not arrogant or bossy. Tag spoilers Absolutely no spoilers in titles! I feel good that Hanabi is the Hyuga's heir now, because if Hinata won the fight, she wouldn't have gotten the time to spend with naruto and the others. Avoid linking to illegal third-party sites and encourage other users to search for legal alternatives for finding Naruto and Boruto content. It's okay, but don't bash her with such lame arguments when you're supposed to vote and support KONAN.

She is beast and she has a cute smile and awesome and she isn't a bitch of a flirty type girl like sakura. First I had no idea of what Hinata would become the same, cannot confess her feelings for Naruto, Not kicking ass. Be mindful of our self-promotion policy Self-promotion should be thoughtful, limited, and consistently well received by the community.

Most beautiful character after hinata, kushina, and sakura. Japanese girl band sings naked. But hinata was the first person to respect naruro and the only person who loves naruto the most. Yugao is Ambu Team member She's just too cool She puts others before herself. I love the way she handles Naruto's clones with her Jade Crystal Blade!

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Btw, created because the old one was closed.

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She has two bestselling albums so far, and has done several key television and movie roles. Perhaps it's because of her perky moves or engaging voice.

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